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March 30, 2023
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Best practices for promoting your affiliate links

Best practices for promoting your affiliate links

The NFTBOT.app affiliate program pays 25% recurring commissions to anyone (customer or not).

In other words, for each customer you successfully refer to NFTBOT.app, you will receive 25% of the fees they pay us on a recurring monthly basis, as long as they continue using our services.

If you’re not already an affiliate, you can join now.

What is an affiliate marketing program?

An affiliate marketing program is an arrangement where a company (us) recruits others (you) to help promote and sell its products or services in exchange for a commission.

Affiliates, also called referrals, partner with NFTBOT.app and get a magic link to put on their website or promote through email marketing or social medias. When a customer clicks the link and buys one of our plans, you gets a percentage (25%) of the sale.

Affiliate programs provide a new source of revenue for both the company selling the product and the affiliate partner. Everyone wins!

step-by-step process of affiliate marketing

Here’s how affiliate marketing works for your Fathom Analytics affiliate account:

  1. You sign-up on https://www.nftbot.app/register, which takes less than a minute.

  2. Click on “become a referrer” at the bottom left corner of the page.

  3. Enter your ETH wallet address, we then provide you with a unique URL, like https://www.nftbot.app?ref=JpOIl21fRAzS.

  4. You share that unique URL, and people click it.

  5. We track how many customers turn into paid account with your link and we display the number on your personal account.

  6. You get paid every month as long as they keep their subscription on NFTBOT.app.

Well, you can't just stick the magic link in your Twitter bio and passively wait for the money to come in (that would be nice, but it requires a bit more personal investment!)

Spamming mailboxes and your social networks will certainly not work any better.

To get NFT projects to sign up for NFTBOT.app using your magic link, you need traffic, engagement and what you promote to be worth clicking on. Your followers need to trust you.

  1. You need to talk to the right people. (i.e. you talk about fashion on your social networks and newsletters and you promote an affiliate link for a Twitter Bot made NFTs projects? This will probably not work.)

  2. You need to have an audience and engagement.

  3. People who follow you must trust you and know that what you share is worth looking at.

If you meet these 3 criteria, there is a good chance that you will be able to get your first affiliates.

Best practice #1: Write a product review on your blog

Blogging is an extremely effective way to promote affiliate links and generate revenue from it. When done right, blogging allows you to establish trust and authority with your readers, reach a large audience, and provide persuasive content that compels people to click your magic NFTBOT.app link. Did you know blogs are one of the most consumed parts of a website? Think about how many times your article can be shared on social media…

Writing a blog post with a well placed affiliate link can generate a lot of traffic to your unique URL.

Want to start a blog about Web3 and NFT? We recommend using a Web3 blog platform to increase your trust. You can create an account on Sigle (https://www.sigle.io), an open-source Web3 writing platform, in less than 2 minutes.

Why not have a page dedicated to your favorite NFT tools and platforms you use or like, directly on your website? This will allow your visitors who follow you (and admire you 😗) to find inspiration.

Having your affiliate link among a small list of "recommended platforms" in your footer can also help attract NFT project leaders to your affiliate link.

Attention, spamming your social networks by constantly sharing your affiliate link won't work and will make you seem like a scammer. Promoting on social networks is more complex than just "sharing a link." You'll get very few views and almost no engagement. That's not what you want, is it?

Be careful, scams are common on the web and people in this industry are wary. Don't be too aggressive sharing your NFTBOT.app affiliate link or you’ll not have a good press.

Instead, think about what you enjoy reading on social media: Interesting stories, juicy news, maybe an occasional discount from a partner...

Graphics can also help grab your readers' attention. you can find many banners and logos here. Here’s an example:

Best practice #4: Advertise on Discord servers

Again, spamming NFT Discord servers with your affiliate link won't work and will get you banned. Rather than an aggressive promotion, build genuine connections. Explain the value you provide to their community. If your service is useful, the moderators will spread the word.

If you kindly explain that you have something interesting to offer, you might have a chance to discuss directly with their team. Talk about the benefits:

  • NFTBOT.app is the cheapest Twitter bot on the market.

  • We offer 100 tweets/month, completely free.

  • We offer a multi-chain solution: currently on Ethereum and Polygon, soon on Aptos, Stacks and Near.

  • A simple and easy to use interface

  • Crafted by experienced NFT professionals, ensuring reliability and expertise in every update.

Some Discord servers also have channels dedicated to promoting other projects. Write a few paragraphs listing all the benefits of NFTBOT.app (don't forget to include your affiliate link) and post them in these channels.

Posting your affiliate link in your Discord bio is less effective but still worth doing. Every view counts!

The options are endless! Pick the strategies that you enjoy and that match your audience. With consistency, you’ll start generating revenue from your NFTBOT.app affiliate account in no time.

Have fun!